Tipper truck hire

Whether you're working on a domestic gardening project or managing a larger scale commercial development, tipper truck hire is often the most affordable and convenient way to transport large quantities of waste and other material. A truck incorporating a hydraulic tipper body can effortlessly unload its contents in a fraction of the time it would take if you were to rely on backbreaking manual labour.

Our large fleet of meticulously maintained tipper trucks can transport as much as 15m3 or 20 tonnes of material, including earth, sand, hardcore and various other decorative or building aggregates.

Our drivers are experienced and friendly, and have a reputation throughout the area for punctuality and reliability. They will always try to accommodate our customers' requests where it safe and practicable to do so.

Who needs tipper truck hire?

Site clearance and waste removal

Perhaps you're a contractor preparing a site for the building phase of the project, or a keen DIY enthusiast building a garden structure? These are just two of many scenarios where tripper truck hire—or indeed grab truck hire—could be the ideal waste removal solution. A grab or tipper truck operated by a skilled driver could dramatically speed up progress on site compared to using manual labour or solutions less well suited to the circumstances.

Construction industry

If you're managing a commercial development or large-scale construction project you'll no doubt need to regularly transport large amounts of material to and from site. Tipper truck hire can prove time and cost-effective as you can avoid making large investments in vehicles and don't need to hire staff to operate them. Many of our customers are builders, developers and construction companies who find that tipper truck hire speeds up the transportation and unloading of waste or building material, saving time and money in the process.

When disposing of waste you must satisfy any health and safety or legal obligations. If you have any doubt about the implications of disposing of certain types of waste, please do contact us—we are licensed to dispose of various types of inert waste and offer site clearance services to customers throughout East Lancashire.

Landscape gardening

Tree surgery and landscape gardening can generate large amounts of organic waste such as tree cuttings, wood chips, shrubs and various types of earth or soil. We can help you transport this waste and depending on the nature of the waste, we may even be able to dispose of it. Please get in touch for more information on the types of organic waste we're able to dispose of or recycle.

Tipper truck hire near me

We're a Burnley-based grab and tripper truck hire company that provides a range of services to both domestic and commercial customers throughout the North West region. Over the past three decades we've built lasting relationships with clients, who trust us to to quickly and efficiently assist them with waste removal and construction material transportation.

For a free quotation please get in touch with our friendly team. We'd be pleased to help.

Aggregate supplier

In addition to waste collection, site clearance and tipper hire, we also supply high quality aggregates and building materials to commercial and domestic customers throughout the North West region, who return to us time and again due to our competitive prices and excellent customer service.

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